6 Infant Colic Harmony Patches (0-12 months)


For colic, reflux, gas, constipation, and food intolerance.


Dr. Loo’s Infant Colic Harmony Patches are over-the-counter remedies for relief of uncomplicated abdominal discomfort. They are not to be used for diagnosis or treatment of specific gastrointestinal conditions. Consult a healthcare professional for any significant, complicated, lingering symptoms in your child.

How to apply the Patches:

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How To Apply

Apply one Patch to the belly button for up to 6-8 hours. Keep diaper below the Patch.
For infants with a predictable pattern of crying or fussiness, apply the Patch before the episodes begin.
For infants with unpredictable fussy episodes, apply the Patch at the beginning of the episode.


To properly store Patches, reseal the foil bag tightly to prevent drying out of water-based adhesive.
Keep Patches at room temperature. Avoid heat and humidity.